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Also see Embed Chat Roulette page and Webcam Chat Logs with Snapshots .There is also a Joomla chatroulette clone that is easy to install as Joomla component and provides simple implementation for Joomla users.However, one trend has attracted a huge following among developers and…Whether you are a new Word Press user or a seasoned Word Press guru you should know that Word Press is equipped with limited options when it comes to its default themes.

– SILICONFOLIO – Best responsive Word Press portfolio plugin with filterable categories.

Live Demo Free Download Documentation Word How to start? Silicon Themes offers a FREE, yet powerful solution to allow you to create compelling portfolios that will fascinate your website visitors.

It’s the preferred platform for many of the top online magazines both large and small.

It’s easy to find magazines from every niche ranging from politics to humor running on Word Press.

Over the past five years, Word Press themes have been at the forefront as far as new and exciting designs and layouts go.

The scene has been dominated by designs that rely heavily on the use of stunning pictures, a lot of content and different layouts.

Thanks to the web, small businesses now have the chance to grow into large multinationals.

In order to achieve the status of a recognized brand, online marketing plays an essential role in any small business’ overall marketing strategy.

Simply put, visitors to websites containing chat support are more likely to stay longer at a website, browse more, or even, purchase more. Besides, the average visit duration is one of the key factors…News Magazine Word Press Themes.

If you intend to launch an online blog magazine, Word Press is your best bet for success.

Being based on 2 Way Video Chat - a professional reliable 1 on 1 webcam chat solution, there are some important functional improvements.


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