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It is the practice of the Student Involvement and Leadership Center to publish contact information for each registered organization.

This information will be listed on the Student Organization directory page so interested individuals have a means of contacting the organization.

A record of the University of Kansas organization registration will by maintained for historical purposes.

Registering with the University entitles organizations to a number of benefits.

Violation of this policy will cause the individual to be removed for the remainder of the year.

Student and Advisor Electronic Signatures: When officers and the advisor submit the online organization application, each agrees to abide by the Regents Policy on Organization Membership and the Equal Opportunity Statement of the University of Kansas as stated at the bottom of this page.

This listserv will be effective from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

Policy Statement on Orgs-l List: Student organizations may use the ORGS-L listserv to notify members of events (such as but not limited to meetings, fundraisers, speeches, rallies or protests) that are organized, co-sponsored and/or supported by student groups registered with SILC.

Registration status is granted administratively by the Student Involvement and Leadership Center.

The organization's president and advisor will be notified via email of the organization registration status.

All organizations functioning on the Lawrence Campus of the University of Kansas are required to register with the University.


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