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And you know still to this day he says that he loves me so [laughs]. And the way he was portrayed kind of wasn’t all true. I felt this season was a lot different from last season regarding the women. The girls that I didn’t really care for, I just kind if, I don’t know, brushed them off. But you now her and I have talked since the show, and we’re actually really cool. Like if they said something wrong they’re like, “I’m really sorry I said that,” or “I hope we can move on from this,” and I respect people like that so absolutely I’ll be their friend.

And believe it or not, Kendra and I are okay as well…

However, through all the sadness, Natalie shares she’s blessed to have a friend in David and in the other cast mates who have been super supportive of her. I haven’t really been involved in it since this all happened, so it’s been weird for me right now. When you get off the island, we’re trying to make our lives work while we’re not by each other all the time since we live in different states.

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